Adding Modules

Modules are content blocks used to render specific content on pages. The are menu item specific so you can choose which modules to show and hide on a particular page. A module can be a slideshow, news list or static HTML.
To write an article:
  1. Log into your sites admin section
  2. Click the Module Manager item on the left main navigation
  3. Click the Add Module button
  4. Select the module type and its position on the page (explained in more detail below)
  5. Complete the fields you feel are relevant (explained in more detail below)
  6. Click Save when you are done.

Review of the Module fields

Module Information
Module Title
The module title to differentiate it from other modules. This title can also be displayed as a heading.
Show Title
Select this option to display the module title as a heading.
Publish Box
Select this option when you want the module to appear on your website.
This is the position you want the module to appear. This option will depend on the template you are using for your site, check the template documentation for positions that are used.
Module class
Any additional class name you wish to assign to this module. Useful for templating purposes.
Module ID
A specific id attribute you can associate with this module. Similarly useful for templating or javascript targeting.
This option allows you to overwrite the header tag with your own selection.
Header class
Assign a specific class to the header part of the module. Useful when the show title option is selected.
Menu Assignment
Menu Options
Choose whether to show the module on all menu items, no menu items or from the menu items selecteed in the menu selection list.
Menu Selection
If you choose to assign the module to an item in the list, click the menu item you want the module to display. To select multiple items hold down the control key and select each individual item. Alternatively you can de-select an item in the same manner.
Each module will have its own specific parameters. The default modules are show below and each has its own set of parameters for a custom rendering.

Default Modules in WebwidgetCMS

This widget loads an iframe to a specific location.
Where you upload your logo and set if the logo is show along with the sitename or just the sitename.
Display a menu you have creating in the Menu Manager section.
Show a slideshow of images you upload.
Tag cloud
A module that shows the custom tags added to articles in a nice format.
A widget is a custom HTML block you can create using a WYSIWYG editor. You can add images and other media to a widget also. (see Adding media to content boxes)

Custom modules can be added to your site. Ask us to create one for you!!