Creating Events

If you have the events plugin installed into Webwidget CMS, here are some helpful hints
To add an event:
  1. Log into your sites admin section
  2. Click the Events item on the left main navigation
  3. Click the Add Event button
  4. Complete the fields you feel are relevant (explained in more detail below)
  5. Click Save when you are done.

Review of the Event fields

Event Information
Catchy title for your event.
Select a category this event relates to. You do not need to seleect a category, this is available if you wish to sort events by categories. (see Adding Categories for more details).
Publish Box
Select this option when you want the event to appear on your website.
Intro text
Depending on your template this intro text wil show on the list or index page of events. Use this to introduce your event and capture your audience into exploring this event further.
The main guts of your event, fill in as much detail as possible for your event. Style the content anyway you like. You can add text, links, images, videos etc using the WYSIWYG editor functionality or using valid HTML code. Don't worry, the WYSIWYG editor will also add HTML code if you just want to type text into the content box. (see Adding media to content boxes)
Event Details
Event Image
Upload an image related to your event. This will make the event stand out but will also help users viewing your website along with making your website appeal to your audience. Of course you do not need to upload an image.
Event Date
Using the Date and Time picker, select the start date and start time of your event. This helps your audience know when to turn up and at what time.
Event End Date
Using the Date and Time picker, select the end date and start time of your event. This helps your audience know when your event will finish. This also helps as this value is required for the calendar add in, so if someone exports the event to the calendar on their phone or computer, the fields are populated correctly and the event will appear in the calendar.
Add the location of the event. If the event is at your business premises, you could add what room or area of your business the event is being held in. The location field will help your audience know where they have to go.
This field allows you to upload a pdf or word document to allow users to download. Helpful if you have a form event attendees to complete prior to attending.
External Link
Enter a complete URL, with the http etc, to link to another page, like a payment page.
Contact number
Enter any specific event contact number or details here.

Additional fields can be added to your events to make it easier to manage and format. Ask us to create these for you!!